Automatic Voltage Regulator ACDR Series

- True Zero-Cross Switching Technology based relay type
-  Advanced CPU Controlled circuit & High efficiency transformers
-  Selectable delay time of 6/180 seconds 
-  Double voltage meters 
-  Complete protection features
-  CE/SONCAP approved
-  Input 80-260Vac, Output 220V/230VAC with 8% precision
-  Power range from 500VA to 10KVA
Model ACDR-500 ACDR-1000 ACDR-1500 ACDR-2000
Nominal Power 500VA 1000VA 1500VA 2000VA
Rated Power 300Watts 600Watts 900Watts 1200Watts
Power Factor 0.6~1.0 0.6~1.0 0.6~1.0 0.6~1.0
Operating Voltage Range 92~280VAC
Regulation Voltage Range 100~260VAC
Frequency 50Hz
Connection Type Power cord with plug
Operating Voltage 180~255VAC
High Cut Voltage 255V
Low Cut Voltage 180V
Frequency 50Hz
Safety Cycle 6 Seconds / 180 Seconds Selectable
Connection Type Output socket
Regulation % ± 8% (when input 100~260VAC)
Number of Taps 7
Transformer Type Toroidal auto transformer
Regulation Type Relay type
Working Green LED ON
Delaying Yellow LED ON
Fault / Protection Red LED ON
Voltage Meter 1 input & 1 LED output volt meter
Over Temperature Auto Shutdown at 120 ℃
Short Circuit
Breaker / Fuse 1 x5A /250VAC Circuit Breaker 1 x7A /250VAC Circuit Breaker 1 x10A /250VAC Circuit Breaker 1 x12A /250VAC Circuit Breaker
Overload Auto Shutdown
Over / Under Voltage Auto Shutdown
Dimension 180x170x100(mm) 180x170x100(mm) 210x170x100(mm) 210x170x100(mm)
Net weight 2.3kgs 3.3kgs 4.0kgs 4.9kgs