119th spring canton fair

China Import and Export Fair, also called Canton Fair, was founded in the spring of 1957, during the spring and autumn every year held in Guangzhou, so far has 53 years of history is at present in China with the longest history, the highest level, the scale is biggest, the types of goods most entire, the meeting favorable most and the distribution region of the country most widely, clinch a deal the effect best, the credibility of the best comprehensive international trade event. Canton Fair export Pavilion by 48 trading group composition, from a country with more than 20000 credit is good, the strength of foreign trade companies, production enterprises and research institutes, foreign investment / - owned enterprises, private enterprises exhibitors. The fair import and export trade, trade flexible manner, in addition to the traditional look like transactions, also held online transactions, carry out various forms of economic and technological cooperation and exchanges, and commodity inspection, insurance, transportation, advertising, consulting and other business activities. Customers from around the world gathered in Guangzhou, exchanging business and friendship.

LiBoli had the honor to participate in the 119 annual spring fair, welcome you into our show to watch.